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Brant Mixer Tour

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People 19+

Embark on an exciting journey with our brand-new tour for 2024 – the Brant Mixer Tour!

This diverse experience caters to all tastes, featuring a tantalizing array of wine, beer, cider, and spirits. Explore the gems of Brantford and Brant County as we take you on a flavorful adventure, visiting unique stops carefully curated for an unforgettable day.

Start your tour at Howell Road Cider, where you’ll savor a hard cider flight crafted from apples freshly picked on their farm. Delight your palate at Blue Gable Acres with the distinctive flavors of wine made from Haskap berries grown right on their own farm. Mann’s Distillery awaits, offering a flight of their meticulously crafted in-house spirits.

As the tour unfolds, guests will have the opportunity to visit one of our esteemed Brant County breweries – whether it’s the robust offerings of Steel Wheel Brewery, the creative brews at Sassy Britches Brewery, or the innovative flavors of Flux Brewing Company (for guests picked up from the Norfolk area). Indulge in a delightful beer flight, adding the perfect finishing touch to this comprehensive tasting experience. Don’t miss the chance to discover the rich and varied beverage offerings that make the Brant Mixer Tour a true delight for every enthusiast. Book your spot now and raise your glass to a day of exploration and enjoyment!