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Savour Summer with Strawberries


Nothing says summer time quite like the juicy, sweet tang of a Norfolk County Strawberry. The delightful crunch of the seeds as a bright red drop of juice runs down your cheek makes me feel like summer is actually here!

In Norfolk County, we’re lucky to not only have the chance to eat fresh, local strawberries during June and July, but can pick up fresh berries well into the fall as well. A perfect summertime pairing this month is the strawberry, feta and walnut salad from the Blue Elephant, a restaurant and artisan brewery. Their local flavours menu changes with the season and right now it’s all things strawberry. Paired with this delightful sweet and salty salad is their famous Strawberry Lager. A light, refreshing beer with a beautiful aroma of strawberries.

This perfect flavour pairing works for lunch or dinner, and is light and refreshing for these hot days! If you still need some strawberries, there are some pick your own farms still open this weekend!

Let us know if there are any of your favourite Norfolk County flavours that you would like us to pair.

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