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Quintessentially Norfolk – Lakeside (Cider) Donut


Hello all – Susan here! The sun has started to shine and we seem to be thawing out of our winter funk, which gave us an idea. We want to find quintessential Norfolk flavours throughout the seasons that really showcase what Norfolk County has to offer.

How might we accomplish this? Great question. By doing two of our most favourite things of course! Sipping and savouring our way through many of Norfolk County’s finest tastes to find the ultimate pairing.

We will do our best to keep posts short and sweet (or maybe savoury) in hopes to hear from you and what you think the most ‘Norfolk’ pairing would be. After spending the day at the Terroir Symposium Rural Retreat hosted by the Culinary Tourism Alliance, we felt inspired, so here we go!

To start off our journey we had to choose nothing other than Norfolk County’s official donut, the apple cider donut from the Norfolk Fruit Growers. We have paired this with a brand new release of the Lakeside Hard Cider from Blueberry Hill Estates.

The apple cider donut has a hint of spice and is well balanced with the sweetness of the treat. The hard apple cider is wonderfully bubbly and matches the donut with a welcoming sweetness. Paired together, the donut really brings out the earthy-ness of the cider and adds complexity to both. If you haven’t tried either, run don’t walk to go get some, they’ll be worth it. If the names don’t have you thinking Norfolk County, the flavours sure will.

Please comment with pairings you want us to try out this season – we’d love to hear from you!

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