Absolutely fantastic tour. We thoroughly enjoyed every minute. A showcase of not only wine and beer but everything Norfolk county has to offer; from the scenery to the amazing people. Well done to the ladies of Ride the Bine!!
— Jenn

Wow! This was a wonderful trip with and such friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff. A great tour and wonderful experience. Our team was so impressed. Thank you for the memorable experience and tour.
— Chris

This was the perfect way to spend my birthday. Each stop had a unique and different vibe and I throughly enjoyed the kind hospitality not just from the wineries but from our awesome tour guide Amanda! I am already planning a second trip “riding the bine”.
— Samantha

Our group of girls had the best day!! Thank you so much Ride the Bine Tours
— Misty

So much fun! Leave your car at home and you’ll get entertained aboard the Bine with fantastic hosts and get entertained at every stop at businesses where you’ll enjoy local goodness. Kudos, guys! You’ve nailed hospitality, convenience and a super fun time!
— Gregg